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Men doing ministry with and for men and our community--that's what the Seaside SDA Men's Ministries is all about. We are about more than the traditional service club, "knife and fork" kind of meetings. Not that those don't have a place. They do, but Men's Ministries is just what its title says: about ministry and it  will be reached through a program that is founded on three principles, establishing a connection between the members, working in our community and by spending time together through the Buddy Group program.  

The Buddy Group Program aims to pair members of the Men’s Ministry together for the purpose of developing a sense of trust and forging new friendships and support networks. Paired by the Men’s Ministry steering committee, buddies will be encouraged to maintain contact at least once per week and update the group-at-large on their respective activities and growth.
Assigned buddies will be expected to continue their interaction until the next scheduled buddy swap.
Throughout the course of the assignment period, buddy groups may be asked to participate in various core activities such as planning a men’s social event or facilitating a community service activity. 



The Seaside SDA Men’s ministries include everything from small group activities to extending a helping hand to individuals and families that need assistance with anything from moving to small projects. Its primary objective is to maintain an environment that fosters spiritual fellowship and support amongst its members, personal and spiritual growth and minister to the greater Seaside Community for males 13 and over based in the Seaside SDA Church.

Men’s Ministry will meet as a group once a month, on the first weekend of every month.  The specific day and time will be determined by the meeting’s agenda.  In between meetings the members of Men’s Ministry will be connected through their Buddy Groups, which are chartered to have weekly contact.  To support the objectives, Men’s Ministry will rotate through three types of meetings each quarter; Connection, Community, Social (CCS). If you are a man join us!